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Kid Definition: I will keep my hands to myself.
A self-disciplined person can control their actions. Being able to control ones actions results in making better choices, which will produce positive consequences. Children need to learn and explore different ways they can use self-discipline throughout their daily interactions with themselves and others.
Book: No Hitting!
Todd Peddlesfoot is a very nice young rabbit, and he hardly ever gets in trouble . . . but one day at school, Todd hits one of his friends. And he hits him the next day too. Can Todd learn an important lesson about having self-discipline and not hitting?
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
The Peddlesfoots series supports all ten Domain Elements in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework Domains of "Language Development", "Social and Emotional Development", and "Approaches to Learning".
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No Hitting!
Self Discipline Song
"I'll Use Self-Discipline"
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"No Hitting!"