Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   
Kid Definition: I will try to never blow up!
Concept: Self-discipline means being able to control your temper.
Book: No Blow Ups!
It all started with the Peddlesfoot rabbits playing a soccer game in their backyard. They became angrier and angrier when they couldn't score a goal. Finally their father talked to them about using self-discipline and not blowing up. Can the Peddlesfoot rabbits learn how to use self-discipline to control their anger and do the right thing?
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
•  Primarily a literacy-based program for introducing character concepts.

•  Evidence-based curriculum based on 4 years of research.

•  Proven to encourage pro-social behaviors.

•  Aligned with Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations.

•  Can be aligned with other state's content standards as well.
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No Blow Ups!
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"No Blow Ups!"