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Kid Definition: I will do my chores.
Parents and teachers alike are instrumental in helping to develop responsibility in two important ways: by modeling responsibility and by providing opportunities to be responsible. For instance, by providing opportunities like assigning chores around the house and classroom, homework, and extracurricular activities, children learn to be responsible. Expectations for responsibility should be clear and equal to the developmental level of the child.
Book: A Responsible Young Rabbit
The Peddlesfoots always try to be responsible and do their chores . . . but one day, Todd Peddlesfoot has a LOT of chores to do. And he's already busy thinking about getting new drumsticks! Can Todd be responsible and do all of his chores like his mother asks?
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
The Peddlesfoots series supports all ten Domain Elements in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework Domains of "Language Development", "Social and Emotional Development", and "Approaches to Learning".
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A Responsible Young Rabbit
Responsibility Song
"I Will Try to Do My Chores"
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"A Responsible Young Rabbit"