Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   
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Kindergarten Parent Kit
Our kindergarten curriculum is evidence-based and full of age appropriate strategies!!   This curriculum was chosen as the centerpiece of a recent federal grant initiative, where it underwent 4 years of rigorous research.

Written by teachers, for teachers and parents, this series focuses on 9 valuable character traits:
trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, citizenship,
caring, perseverance, courage, self-discipline
Learn how to instill these character traits using stories, poetry, music, puppet scripts, art projects, and more!  Entire kit contains:

•  9 engaging story books, each focused on a particular character trait.
•  Parentís Guide with 4 lessons for each of the 9 stories.
•  A delightful Peddlesfoots CD of songs and mini-lessons for at home or in the car.
•  An entertaining read-a-long CD for your listening enjoyment.
•  Peddlesfoots Tote Bag - so you can take your kit with you wherever you go!
•  All housed in a sturdy, colorful Peddlesfoots box.

*  Kit may be purchased with or without 3 Peddlesfoots puppets.