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Kid Definition: I will have courage even when I'm afraid.
Who doesn't remember being afraid of the dark? We all know that childhood fears are a normal part of development, but what's important for us as parents and teachers is to help children build strategies for coping with their fears. Because the minds of children often exaggerate perceived threats, even immobilizing them in some instances, learning to face fears is critical in a child's development. Protecting and shielding children from child-sized fears can be a disservice, as it fails to develop and encourage coping skills in this area.
Book: Scuff the Hero
Scuff Peddlesfoot loves playing in the forest near his house, and he knows the woods well . . . but when he hears something strange in the trees one day, his path leads a little too far from home. Does Scuff have the courage to be a hero, even when he's afraid too?
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
The Peddlesfoots series supports all ten Domain Elements in the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework Domains of "Language Development", "Social and Emotional Development", and "Approaches to Learning".
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Scuff the Hero
Courage Song
"It Takes Courage!"
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"Scuff the Hero"