Offering tools to teachers and parents to help create good character in children.   
Kid Definition: It takes courage to meet a challenge.
Concept: A courageous person sets goals and works hard to achieve them.
Book: Challenges, Challenges
Todd Peddlesfoot learned a valuable lesson from Lloyd, a special friend to the Peddlesfoot family. Lloyd told Todd that we should all think of good things to do that might be difficult and then try our hardest to do them - that's challenging ourselves. Find out, as Todd did, that it takes a lot of courage to try new and challenging things!
Teacher and Parent Curriculum:
•  Primarily a literacy-based program for introducing character concepts.

•  Evidence-based curriculum based on 4 years of research.

•  Proven to encourage pro-social behaviors.

•  Aligned with Michigan's Grade Level Content Expectations.

•  Can be aligned with other state's content standards as well.
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Challenges, Challenges
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"Challenges, Challenges"